The Everted Capital -585 - 2022

Fabien Giraud & Raphaƫl Siboni

Locked up for an entire year, a man and a woman carry out an experiment comprising four tests (love, orgasm, mourning, childbirth). Their purpose is to act as a physical support for the consciousness of cybele (a vast, shapeless inhuman intelligence, mother of all gods). To give her a body but also, and above all, to plunge her into the feeling of selfownership that defines us. Therefore, everything that they experience must be real. But when the woman gets caught up in this game of historical reversal, and all of her own feelings become merely empty acts in the service of a burial of the gods in human subjectivity, what does she become? Does she herself become a god, which is to say no one? The real child, filmed each time the work is presented, will grow, age and perhaps one day die, affording cybele the heartbreaking vision of a future which will take place without her.