Sophia Al Maria

Video clip for Fatima Al Qadiri’s Spiral.
Cinematography by Éponine Momenceau.

Boiler Room and Anna Lena Films presents the music video for "Spiral", a track off Fatima Al Qadiri's recent Shaneera EP out now on Hyperdub. Fatima and director Sophia Al-Maria draw inspiration from a legendary scene in Egyptian comedy film Ayazon, which features a joyous eruption of several individuals belly dancing in a brothel.

The scene quickly went viral in the Arab world and became an underground queer proclamation — one of defiance, body positivity and unbridled joy. In Sophia Al-Maria's video for the song, Zadiel Samsaz and Eli El Sultan perform a belly dance-off of femme and masc in a sensual homage to the form.