Agnieszka Kurant

In collaboration with Walter Murch. With Charlotte Rampling, Abe Vigoda and Dick Miller. Cinematography by Michael Simmonds.

Cutaways, produced in collaboration with legendary editor, Walter Murch, narrates the encounter of three cut-out characters, played by the original actors: Charlotte Rampling cut from Richard C. Sarafian’s Vanishing Point, Abe Vigoda as protagonist Harry Caul’s lawyer and best friend in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation, and Dick Miller as Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction junkyard owner.

An extensive list of other cut out characters from the history of cinema appears in the film’s end credits.

Cutaways concentrates on the invisible universe of film’s phantom characters, who have been completely removed from the final cut of feature films, leaving no apparent trace in the stories while still having strangely participated in them.

These characters have become the surplus ghosts of completed movies, ghostly co-authors of 'finished products.'

The film aims to delve into the unexplored potential carried by these characters, and the real symbolic force that this potential could offer. It addresses this no man’s land as the junkyard of Fsilm History, a timeless space where all these unused characters “live,” a reemergence of cinema’s subconscious.